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Dated 4 January 2019

Madhya Pradesh Eco Tourism Development Board Bhopal organized a training cum awareness campaign for school students in Sardarpur region where the students of the Lakshya Central School took part enthusiastically.

Through this event, the children learnt a lot about various types of plants,trees and received information about various birds and animals.

At the same time various performances were delivered by students of different schools in which LCS students presented a graceful mesmerising, synchronized alluring and Breath taking dance performance and secured first position

Dated 1 January 2019

LCS Rajgarh Celebrated New Year 2019 in unique way by distributing fruits and biscuits to the malnourished children and patients of Govt Hospital.

BMO Sardarpur, Dr. Sheela Mujalde, explained about malnutrition and nutrients to students of LCS Rajgarh, during which students distributed fruits and biscuits to malnourished children present in the Nutrition Rehabilitation Center.

At the same time, fruits and biscuits were also distributed by the students in the Community Health Center during this period, various doctors exlpained vaccinations against infection and diseases.

Dated 01 October 2018

Dated 18 August 2018

Students, Staff members along with the Principal and Vice Principal participated in candlelight vigil to pay tribute to Mr A B Vajpayee.A special Assembly was conducted for the same in which student delivered speech and asked GK questions related to the life of Mr Vajpayee.

While addressing the students Principal of LCS recited poem of Mr Vajpayee and render many motivational informations regarding the life and career of Mr Vajpayee.

Students and Teachers offered flowers to The Portrait of our former Prime Minister and kept silence for two minutes praying to God, May his soul rest in peace .

Dated 17 July 2018

The Tree Plantation Drive began with students gathering in the ground. In the spirit of the day, they had brought small little saplings to be planted in school ground. The gardener helped them plant their trees. All the students were very enthusiastic and thoroughly enjoyed the planting process, even though they all got wet and muddy – they loved it.

Teachers along with Principal also took part in the event and planted trees. Tree planting event connected the students to the benefits of trees and fostered environmental sens itivity in them.It also brought them closer to the environment.