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Dated 24 April 2018

The kindergarten students of LCS Rajgarh celebrated Colours Day with fun and enthusiasm. All the children from the KG department, and their teachers, were dressed colourfully to celebrate this occasion. The classrooms too were decorated with different colours to welcome our children. Our tiny tots looked beautiful with their coloured attires.

The day began with a short prayer and continued with various activities like singing rhymes and jingles on colours, colour identification game etc. They were taught to make balls with coloured papers.

Dated 23 April 2018

Lakshya Central School (LCS) School soft boards are the source of information both for the readers and for the makers. It’s a very good interactive tool where students can be updated with the latest happenings around them.

With the same view in the mind school board decoration competition was held, in which all students represented the theme of their classes.

Dated 21 April 2018

Lakshya Central school follows a curriculum of learning through fun and innovation. There is nothing more adorable than a craft made with little hands! The children of grade KI were out to have fun today. All the KI sections were going to learn Palm Printing. The children splattered their hands with different colour paints…red, blue, green, yellow, orange and many more colours from the palette!!All this was done under the watchful eyes and guidance of the facilitators. The children were surprised to see the prints of their little palms on paper. They were amazed and delighted, and admired their priceless pieces of art!

The children had learnt so much through this fun activity… colour recognition, eye hand co ordination and above all the wonderful art of palm printing. The different colours were imprinted forever on the minds of the students through their little palms!